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welcome, springtime

It’s finally springtime. To me, that means flowers, plenty of sunshine, allergies, and blowing dust out here in West Texas. But it also means new life, new beginnings.

It’s true. Every season has its ups and downs--the things I wait impatiently for all winter, and the things I dread. And all of life is like that.

This is the first post I’ve written in almost a year. I’ve missed writing and sharing my experience, knowledge, and hope with you. But it’s been a long and difficult year for me, a season of losses that began with the suicide of my brother in April 2014. And so the therapist becomes the client. The doctor becomes the patient. All of my best experience, knowledge, and hope was no match for my own personal grief.

But I’m not writing about that today. Today I want to start a new series of posts that reflects what I’ve learned over the past year of grief, loss, and darkness. My hope is that these simple posts will be a light to you, even as you struggle through your own darkness.

Happy Spring, everyone, and stay tuned.

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