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Today I was privileged to sit with a couple as they worked through the pain they had caused each other, and I got to see the very best of human behavior: humility, forgiveness, and grace.

How many times a day do we hurt someone we love? Are we even mindful enough to be aware of the pain we cause? And how often do we take responsibility for our mistakes, bad choices, and weaknesses and become vulnerable enough to say to the ones we’ve harmed, “I did this, it hurt you, and I’m truly sorry.”

I think we all have the seeds of grace within us, and most of us are willing to forgive when we see true remorse in another. The sticking point seems to be in those of us who inflict harm. Why is it so difficult to admit when we’re wrong? What is it about being vulnerable that frightens us so much?

Today I watched a wife sit in discomfort and shame as she shared her mistakes and asked forgiveness from her husband. I watched a husband in his love and caring, instantly seek to comfort and soothe his wife. We sat in silence for a minute. And something was repaired and healed by the grace they experienced.

What do you need to take responsibility for? Can you risk the vulnerability and take a chance on grace?

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