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change is inevitable

Therapy can help. 

If you are going through a transition in your life, it's normal to experience several emotions, many often at once. Talking with a licensed professional can help you process what you're going through, navigate difficult emotions and situations, and assist you in problem-solving. 

Our former ways of coping may no longer be effective and, in some cases, may actually be harmful to our current situation and relationships. Dr. Heisser brings a holistic perspective that takes into account the many factors of our lives: physical, mental, and emotional health, relationships with others, social factors, and spirituality. Incorporating this systemic approach allows clients to better understand the complexity of their lives and learn how to cope with stressors and relate to others more purposefully and effectively.

how can you benefit from therapy?

People seek out therapy for different reasons, and good therapy can benefit just about anyone. Although therapy has been shown to be a necessary part of treatment for mental disorders, it is a misconception that a diagnosis is necessary for treatment. Here are just some of the reasons you might consider therapy:

depression and anxiety

grief and loss
relationship difficulties

parenting challenges
traumatic experiences
communication problems
poor coping skills
chronic physical illness

Dr. Heisser can assist you with these issues in several ways. She creates a warm and safe environment for you to express yourself without judgment and to work collaboratively toward your goals. She can teach specific tools to help you with a particular problem and cope better with difficulties. Dr. Heisser's specific training in systemic and relational therapy, including training from The Gottman Institute, makes her well suited to help clients improve their marriages, parent-child relationships, sibling relationships, and even friendships by observing the relational dynamics, helping clients understand each other better, and creating experiences of safety, empathy, and healing.

Therapy is not about sickness or weakness. It takes courage to step into the therapy room and be vulnerable. It takes strength to release emotional pain you've been carrying and begin to heal. And you are worth the investment.

For more specific information about Dr. Heisser's approach to therapy, check out the blog page on this site.

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